MBA in Real Estate

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MBA in Real Estate



The program exists to provide high-level corporate business administration with an emphasis on Real Estate and construction. Anyone wishing to pursue real estate development as a career should consider an MBA.The course will help you understand the complex environments of consultants and their client organisations in real estate and construction.

Everything you need to combine a sound knowledge of property with all the requisite business skills to make you a success is offered on a typical MBA course and their popularity means there are a wide selection of courses to choose from.

The Master of Bussiness Management is the flagship programmed offered by different institutes and universities in India. The guiding principle of the Post Graduate Programme  is to develop a sound theoretical foundation upon which a participant can pragmatically approach business challenges in today’s dynamic corporate environment. It is a two year, rigorous, full-time residential program. During the two years of PGP the participants will receive academic inputs in two parts, namely, the compulsory package and the elective package. Distinct objectives will be served by each package.

The first year focuses on compulsory courses designed to ingrain basic concepts, tools and techniques in various functional areas. Participants experiment with the concepts learnt in a two-month summer internship in leading organizations around the world at the end of the first year.
 In the second year participants select electives based upon areas of interest. The mixture of compulsory and elective courses helps participants develop an in-depth understanding of the interrelationships crucial to the successful business management and enables them to be more effective in their jobs while being sensitive to the issues and challenges confronting people in other parts of the organization.

Course Name Master of Bussiness Management

Specilaization-MBA in Real Estate Management

Duration- Two Years


List of Institutes And Universities offered MBA in Real Estate Management -:


  • The College of State Management (The MBA in Construction and Real Estate (University of Reading) is a 2½ year course taught by distance learning. The program focuses directly on the construction and property environment from which course members are drawn. The course offers professionals, whose time is at a premium, an opportunity both to reinforce their existing management skills and knowledge and develop new areas of expertise within the construction and real estate industries. )


CAT Correspondence Course

Updated CAT Study Matrial prepared by IIM Graduates. 30full length tests withexplanations. Bothwithin India and outside India.


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